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Hairfinity Hair Vitamins Healthy Hair From the INSIDE OUT


Faster Hair Growth
Faster hair growth is possible with the use of a good hair care regimen and effective products.

To get faster hair growth you need to stop all sources of breakage, speed up growth, and increase your natural growth phase.

Breakage is commonly the reason hair seem to grow slowly. When hair is breaking at a rate equal to or faster than growth, it may seem like your hair is not growing at all. Its like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it. It will never fill up because you are losing it at the same time you are adding it. In the same way, you lose hair to breakage. Even if you speed your hair growth rate up 200%, breakage will limit the added length you will actually see. To eliminate breakage, you need to use a complete hair system that increases strength and moisture. To start, you will need three products:

A gentle shampoo

An effective protein treatment

An effective moisture treatment

Heat protection products ( if you heat style your hair)

A good hair supplement

See Product Recommendations List or try Essentious Natural Hair Care Products formulated to Stop Hair Breakage and Stop Hair Shedding.

Some people believe their hair is not growing at all. If your hair were not growing, you would eventually go bald. This is because your hair grows in phases ( growing, resting, and shedding). Each hair on your head will go through these three phases.

However, some people can just naturally grow hair down their backs, while others will only grow to their shoulders. This is because your natural growth phase is genetically determined and limits the lenght of your hair. It works like this:

Lets say Maria has a growth phase of two years. Hair grows at about 1/2 inch per month. So her hair will never grow longer than 12 inches (24 months x 0.5 inch) before entering the resting and shedding phases.

So you may be asking, how can I change this? The answer is HairFinity hair vitamins with MSM.

HairFinity Hair Vitamins nourish your hair from the INSIDE OUT

If you are looking for a skin treatment that is gentle and effective, try Dermera natural skin treatment.

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